African Reed – We continue to grow

We continue to grow, surpassing ourselves day by day in each of our African Reed projects.

Twenty years ago, in our beginnings, each job that was carried out presented a strong challenge and commitment to get the job completed despite our little experience, we had the obligation to finish each project on time, which no matter how small the project, from installing a simple pergola, it was a challenge with an obligation to our customers.

Today, over 20 years later, we can proudly say that we continue to grow, not just structurally, but pushing the limits, we continue to grow in enthusiasm, commitment and the desire to continue innovating in order to maintain ourselves in the prestigious place that each one of our customers has put us in.

Grupo Romeral, African Reed specialists and all its staff would like to thank and thereby continue to contribute to creating more natural, rustic, tropical environments that respect the environment and, above all, without losing excellence in quality and design.

This season, we reach thousands of people with our work. Once again, our company veneer shines proudly on different pergolas, palapas, beach clubs, Balinese beds, umbrellas or hotels projects.

Gold and carbon engraved on pillars loaded with methodical, calculated and meticulous effort, all controlled to guarantee their durability and profitability.

We like what we do and we bet on it until the last breath before finishing each project.

To those who already know us and to all the families we have yet to meet, our thanks go out to all of you for trusting us for another year.


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