Mogli Pool Bar in Marbella

Mogli Pool Bar Marbella stands out for its natural and unique design, with different environments. It was held in African Reed and we invite you to visit it to see our craftsmenship. Quality and style at your service.

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Nini Beach Restaurant Project

El Nini is an institution in Marbella. Not in vain have they been serving customers for more than 50 years as a beach bar with character and authenticity. Just what they asked us to maintain in the redesign of their facilities, providing a new standard to the new Playa Nini Beach Restaurant concept, as per the pictures here shown.

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Junco Africano - Seguimos creciendo

African Reed – We continue to grow

We continue to grow, surpassing ourselves day by day in each of our African Reed projects.

Twenty years ago, in our beginnings, each job that was carried out presented a strong challenge and commitment to get the job completed despite our little experience, we had the obligation to finish each project on time, which no matter how small the project, from installing a simple pergola, it was a challenge with an obligation to our customers.

Today, over 20 years later, we can proudly say that we continue to grow, not just structurally, but pushing the limits, we continue to grow in enthusiasm, commitment and the desire to continue innovating in order to maintain ourselves in the prestigious place that each one of our customers has put us in.

Grupo Romeral, African Reed specialists and all its staff would like to thank and thereby continue to contribute to creating more natural, rustic, tropical environments that respect the environment and, above all, without losing excellence in quality and design.

This season, we reach thousands of people with our work. Once again, our company veneer shines proudly on different pergolas, palapas, beach clubs, Balinese beds, umbrellas or hotels projects.

Gold and carbon engraved on pillars loaded with methodical, calculated and meticulous effort, all controlled to guarantee their durability and profitability.

We like what we do and we bet on it until the last breath before finishing each project.

To those who already know us and to all the families we have yet to meet, our thanks go out to all of you for trusting us for another year.


Nuestros trabajos en junco africano

Our works in African Rush: Trepaolla y Mae West Granada

GRUPO ROMERAL presents several of our works and designs in two wonderful sites with their own charm.

Makanan, Restaurante Trepaolla (Málaga)
Discoteca Mae West (Granada)

Another great project in Africano Rush comes true… Levantichón en la Torre en La Línea

Three months ago we showed the plans, what for the people of the Linea de la Concepcion was an almost impossible project to carry out, at the same time they did not imagine how important it would be for you the town to have it’s own real beach club.

Since the beginning of August 2016, Levantichón en la Torre, one of the main beach clubs on the Costa del Sol, has opened its doors to the most demanding public.

For Grupo Romeral, the idea of carrying out a project with such a large structure made of treated wood, with roofs made of directly imported African reeds and its hundreds of high-quality details, was an idea that seduced us from the beginning, knowing the hard work ahead and the times for which we encountered.


Today, Levantichón en la Torre is a reality, a unique site on the Costa del Sol.


A dream come true, where we are not only satisfied with what has been achieved, the success achieved or the appraisal received, this is the dream of an entire town and source of work for dozens of people in La Linea de la Concepción.

Little by little we will show you step by step the evolution of such an ambitious project, while continuing with many more details to guarantee the enjoyment of clientele.

Pool construction with ipe floor and led lighting

The pleasure of doing things well done.

One of the most rewarding moments for our company is the moment of the presentation of the finished job to our clients.

From the first day we take over the construction or renovation of outdoor spaces, our only goal is to do the best job in terms of quality, design and distinction.

In this job we see the finished construction, where before there was only a clean plot. Now, it’s owners can be proud and enjoy their new pool, completely surrounded by the best quality ipe wood flooring, an exclusive Grupo Romeral parasol made of African reed imported directly from South Africa and a complete state-of-the-art Led lighting system, which gives class, distinction and style thanks to its different recreated light environment to relax and enjoy of the landscaped gardens, according to each situation that you want recreate.

Grupo Romeral continues this summer 2016 building dreams for our clients and guaranteeing each of our jobs.

Thank you all for trusting Grupo Romeral.

We remind you to visit our Project portfolio, you will surely see in it a style like the one you can imagine for your outdoor spaces either to be remodeled or built from zero.

Terminations, tips in African Reed…

In the last post by Grupo Romeral, we talked about the importance of knowing how to understand what our clients are looking for. The importance of understanding those details that only pass as a concept idea until expert hands turn them into tangible details that make the difference between the different companies in the market in terms of construction and garden landscaping and decoration of interior spaces.

Part of a sample, we can see it in this image, where the cleaning and modernization of an artificial grass coexists with details as original as the design of the shower for the pool.

While the African reed pergola, perfectly finished and decorated, maintains its rustic characteristics, thanks to its quality it favors the constant cleaning of the garden area, since the true African reed does not peel or lose volume, these characteristics which are essential if we do not want the money we have invested in the pergola to be lost due to a progressive deterioration of the reed roof, damaging even the very wooden structure of the pergola as water seeps between the reeds and the constant state of humidity that is usually maintained, for example, by the European rush.

Our African reed pergolas can take on different forms, meeting all the expectations of exclusivity for our customers, but they always maintain a constant that we are unable to give up, that they are 100% made with the best quality materials.

When a budget is usually requested, it is very important to keep in mind the material that is going to be used in the construction of our work, many times the smallest detail of a seemingly insignificant material can mean that the entire work has to be restored or what is worse, performed again.

We know and we know the difficulties that a client can find when controlling the quality of the materials, either due to ignorance or simply because it is materially impossible to be controlling the workers all the time and see the material used at all times. Keep in mind that in the field of pergolas, even the most insignificant screw misused or placed, can mean that all or a large part of the work is lost or damaged, generating problems for the client.

For this reason, we continue to insist on the importance of true professionals who carry out the work of African reed pergolas. Committed companies with enough experience of larger jobs to be able to carry out any project assigned to them seemingly.

In subsequent articles, we will continue to give ideas about the advantages of building wooden pergolas with African reeds, at the same time that we will mark fundamental aspects to take into account when hiring a company to carry them out.

Are you thinking of building a pergola, house, business with an African reed roof? Don’t think twice and let yourself be advised by Grupo Romeral.

You can consult us on our different telephone numbers or contact us through our CONTACT FORM so that we can advise you in the best way and free of charge.

African Reed Pergola – Interior Design

When a client meets Grupo Romeral, an idea of the ideal place flies vividly through his mind.

Many projects for which each client has their idea or concept, have to be assimilated and understood so that they turned in to reality.

The exact point between what can be built and what cannot be found in that intersection of thoughts between the client and the builder, where the latter’s ability to assimilate ideas is one of the key points when it comes to knowing whether or not the project that the client is looking for can be carried out properly.

Another of the points that differentiates what can be done and what cannot, also has to do with the capacity of the builder, in terms of suitability and knowledge of the work that is being done.

In short and in summary, except in rare cases where the requests are really out of all physical or technological logic, a client usually comes to a company with an idea of what he wants and will depend on the company he has chosen to know if his project can be carried out. out or not.

From Grupo Romeral, we go ahead to tell you that in 99.9% of cases, our finished works are a faithful copy in reality, of what our clients intended.

Our team of qualified technicians are prepared, not only to prepare a budget, but also to understand and comprehend what the client wants, an aspect that can lead to several headaches in the construction process, if the employer did not know how to interpret the wishes of the client and only set out to develop one more of many works with repetitive aspects, far from the “exclusive” concept.

Our staff is highly trained to deal with the client and in perfect coordination with the different stages of the work, from its beginning to the placement of the last light bulb.

Everyone knows their job perfectly and the previous work necessary for a work colleague to carry out the next stage. In this way, time and extra expenses are saved, at the same time that communication between them allows to know the client’s preferences much better.

Grupo Romeral opens up a whole range of possibilities before the eyes of our clients, where they can carry out each part of the work with the total peace of mind of being in the hands of professionals in the decoration of gardens, houses, interiors and exteriors, with a wide range of exclusive products for each environment you want to recreate.

From the first palm tree that we will find in the gardens to the latest household items, going through all kinds of exclusive furniture, to turn what was an idea into reality.

Farm entrance porch in African Reed

The design of tropical gardens, swimming pools and all kinds of pergolas, umbrellas or Balinese beds are our specialty.

Construction of completely finished houses with African reed roofs and decorated in the highest quality wood, together with exclusive details and ornaments for our clients, make our company acquire the title of reference in the pergola construction sector and conditioning of gardens with tropical styles, completely with 100% legitimate African Reed.

But our work goes beyond the intimacy of our client’s gardens, we want and believe that the first impression is very important in the retina of those who admire each finished work. For this reason, our porches, installed, perfectly adapted to the façade, are the gateway to a new view, to that small world where the creations of our clients find their tropical environment projects come true.

You will be able to see and show from the same façade, the quality of the finishes and the materials used, capable of resisting the most extreme inclement weather, maintaining its naturalness and strength year after year.

We want to remind you that all our work carries its guarantee and the estimate are prepared free of charge.

Do not stay with the desire and let yourself be advised by experts, always remembering that in the end going cheap may end up being more expensive.

Romeral Group, quality guarantee.

More soil prepared! Premium pine and ipe, the best for our customers

Each project, idea or site has or presents different possibilities in terms of designs or ways of presenting the finished work to the delight, enjoyment and satisfaction of our clients.

Years working for large farms, hotels, private homes or the most demanding clients have shown us each and every one of the difficulties that can arise in each case.

Far from neglecting our clients, we have adopted a responsible policy regarding excellence and attention to detail.

Over the years and after each of those first steps, we always came to the same conclusions and today it has been more than 15 years betting on the best quality materials for our clients, knowing that they will give the company peace of mind. In terms of its durability, appearance, conservation and naturalness, if not, it will also be a great investment that hundreds of satisfied customers know how to thank over all these years.

Top quality pine and ipe wood for the use and enjoyment of our customers, with the Grupo Romeral guarantee.