More soil prepared! Premium pine and ipe, the best for our customers

Each project, idea or site has or presents different possibilities in terms of designs or ways of presenting the finished work to the delight, enjoyment and satisfaction of our clients.

Years working for large farms, hotels, private homes or the most demanding clients have shown us each and every one of the difficulties that can arise in each case.

Far from neglecting our clients, we have adopted a responsible policy regarding excellence and attention to detail.

Over the years and after each of those first steps, we always came to the same conclusions and today it has been more than 15 years betting on the best quality materials for our clients, knowing that they will give the company peace of mind. In terms of its durability, appearance, conservation and naturalness, if not, it will also be a great investment that hundreds of satisfied customers know how to thank over all these years.

Top quality pine and ipe wood for the use and enjoyment of our customers, with the Grupo Romeral guarantee.

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