African Reed Pergola – Interior Design

When a client meets Grupo Romeral, an idea of the ideal place flies vividly through his mind.

Many projects for which each client has their idea or concept, have to be assimilated and understood so that they turned in to reality.

The exact point between what can be built and what cannot be found in that intersection of thoughts between the client and the builder, where the latter’s ability to assimilate ideas is one of the key points when it comes to knowing whether or not the project that the client is looking for can be carried out properly.

Another of the points that differentiates what can be done and what cannot, also has to do with the capacity of the builder, in terms of suitability and knowledge of the work that is being done.

In short and in summary, except in rare cases where the requests are really out of all physical or technological logic, a client usually comes to a company with an idea of what he wants and will depend on the company he has chosen to know if his project can be carried out. out or not.

From Grupo Romeral, we go ahead to tell you that in 99.9% of cases, our finished works are a faithful copy in reality, of what our clients intended.

Our team of qualified technicians are prepared, not only to prepare a budget, but also to understand and comprehend what the client wants, an aspect that can lead to several headaches in the construction process, if the employer did not know how to interpret the wishes of the client and only set out to develop one more of many works with repetitive aspects, far from the “exclusive” concept.

Our staff is highly trained to deal with the client and in perfect coordination with the different stages of the work, from its beginning to the placement of the last light bulb.

Everyone knows their job perfectly and the previous work necessary for a work colleague to carry out the next stage. In this way, time and extra expenses are saved, at the same time that communication between them allows to know the client’s preferences much better.

Grupo Romeral opens up a whole range of possibilities before the eyes of our clients, where they can carry out each part of the work with the total peace of mind of being in the hands of professionals in the decoration of gardens, houses, interiors and exteriors, with a wide range of exclusive products for each environment you want to recreate.

From the first palm tree that we will find in the gardens to the latest household items, going through all kinds of exclusive furniture, to turn what was an idea into reality.

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