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In the last post by Grupo Romeral, we talked about the importance of knowing how to understand what our clients are looking for. The importance of understanding those details that only pass as a concept idea until expert hands turn them into tangible details that make the difference between the different companies in the market in terms of construction and garden landscaping and decoration of interior spaces.

Part of a sample, we can see it in this image, where the cleaning and modernization of an artificial grass coexists with details as original as the design of the shower for the pool.

While the African reed pergola, perfectly finished and decorated, maintains its rustic characteristics, thanks to its quality it favors the constant cleaning of the garden area, since the true African reed does not peel or lose volume, these characteristics which are essential if we do not want the money we have invested in the pergola to be lost due to a progressive deterioration of the reed roof, damaging even the very wooden structure of the pergola as water seeps between the reeds and the constant state of humidity that is usually maintained, for example, by the European rush.

Our African reed pergolas can take on different forms, meeting all the expectations of exclusivity for our customers, but they always maintain a constant that we are unable to give up, that they are 100% made with the best quality materials.

When a budget is usually requested, it is very important to keep in mind the material that is going to be used in the construction of our work, many times the smallest detail of a seemingly insignificant material can mean that the entire work has to be restored or what is worse, performed again.

We know and we know the difficulties that a client can find when controlling the quality of the materials, either due to ignorance or simply because it is materially impossible to be controlling the workers all the time and see the material used at all times. Keep in mind that in the field of pergolas, even the most insignificant screw misused or placed, can mean that all or a large part of the work is lost or damaged, generating problems for the client.

For this reason, we continue to insist on the importance of true professionals who carry out the work of African reed pergolas. Committed companies with enough experience of larger jobs to be able to carry out any project assigned to them seemingly.

In subsequent articles, we will continue to give ideas about the advantages of building wooden pergolas with African reeds, at the same time that we will mark fundamental aspects to take into account when hiring a company to carry them out.

Are you thinking of building a pergola, house, business with an African reed roof? Don’t think twice and let yourself be advised by Grupo Romeral.

You can consult us on our different telephone numbers or contact us through our CONTACT FORM so that we can advise you in the best way and free of charge.

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